Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Orcs in my campaign setting

 Orcs do not have green skin, but brown. They are not betusked or pig faced, but resemble ugly humans with heavy brows and strong jaws. There is a wide diversity of body types and appearances among orc kind, from tall, lean and muscular to short, portly and craven. Orcs are intelligent and sophisticated, and have formed an industrialized society with greater production than that of humans. Many diverse races live within the Orc Empire such as Hobgoblins, Gnolls, Ogres and Trolls. 

The heart of the Orc lands is an arid plateau from which they originated as nomadic hunter/gatherer tribes. From their they spread outwards to conquer the mountain ranges to the west, the snow capped peaks to the north, the swamps to the south and finally the wide and fertile grasslands to the east where the humans and other soft demihumans dwelled.

The western border of the human kingdoms brushes up against edge of the Orc Empire. Military invasions from orcs are usually very deadly, resulting in protracted battles between the races and devastation of the surrounding countryside. 

Orcs have flourishing advancements in magical research and the creation of magical items, not just from their own capacity but supported by Ogre Magi, Djinn and Efreeti.

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